Werks Bikes


Our Titanium Bikes 

Bringing you top quality Titanium Bikes at great prices.

Stu's design brief is simple.                                    

"Build a great hard tail enduro bike"

Whether your passion is 12hr, 24hr or multi day events,  a WERKS bike is sure to become a favourite 'beast' in your racing stable.

You can choose from a range of complete bikes or frame only options to upgrade your trusty steed.

'Off the shelf' doesn't suit you?   That's ok with us. Ask about our complete custom frame options. 



WERKS Mountain Bikes 

Werks DakaR 26" 

 Our Flagship bike, and the one you will see most often at the races.

Built lean, laid back and fast.  Just what you want when you're racking up 100km or more in the saddle, and going head to head with your competition.

Sure, Titanium bikes are great, but wouldn't it be totally awesome if you could put a 2.5" tyre on the front and back for when the track's soft or it's getting muddy ? 

Ummm,  guess what ?


Werks Fat Bikes 

So there I was one lazy day.....  Dreaming....  I really love my 29er,  but I wish I could put some fat bags under her to ride the Brindabella's in winter.....  Time passes by, more dreams and doodles on a note pad.... Somebody walks past, looks over my shoulder and says  What the F#*k is that ?  I want one !!!
They want one,  I want one...  that's good enough for me.  Lets build it !
But what to call it ?  Hmmmm

 Werks WTF 29"