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FRM Bike Technology.

FRM is a small company located in Italy and they make everything in their factory in Riolo Terme..
What does that mean to you ?   Well it means that anything with an FRM logo has been made by a passionate craftsman who takes pride in their work...   From the super light Scandium and titanium seatposts, to the hand laid carbon Anakin frames that would look at home hanging in a collection of fine art...    It's all truly superb....
So does it work as well as it looks ?    When the guys on the testing team are made up of folk like XC legend Miguel Martinez and Enduro hard man Alex Lupato, you can bet that the boys have given everything on their bikes the World Cup of floggings....
and the results ?       well they speak for themselves.
We keep most of the individual parts and wheel sets in stock for XC, CX, Enduro and Road bikes.
The boys only make 300 frames per year, and so there can be a delay of up to 3 months from time of order to delivery on these.
Is it worth the wait ?     ohhh yeah..  it's worth it !