Werks Bikes


Breezer Bikes 

Innovation and a heritage that dates back to the very beginning of Mountain Bikes 

By the mid 1970's a bunch of friends were spending their weekends tearing down hills on their old Schwinn clunker bikes. Their favorite hill was nick named "Repack Mountain" due to the need to repack the grease in the coaster brakes on their bikes after nearly every run...  Heaps of fun, but the bikes weren't really up to the task.
So one afternoon Joe Breeze sat down and made the first "new" mountain bike frame...  "Breezer 1"
 He then built the bike, and as they say, the rest is history.
Fast forward about 40 years and Joe is still knocking out some amazing bikes that are on the cutting edge of mountain bike design.

Trail bikes are still Joe's passion and both the Repack (Enduro bike above) and the SuperCell (XC bike below) are fine examples of what's on offer in the 2015 range of bikes.