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Some of our Bikes  

 As you may notice, the brands that we stock are not the common "bike shop" brands. We ride, we race and we sell bikes we know, trust and love to get our legs over !    Mmmm, especially our WHYTE bikes.

WHYTE Bikes Oh boy..... We could fill this column with superlatives to tell you how great these award winning bikes are, but as they say "a picture tells a 1000 words"  so click on the video link and see just one of the great reviews that these bikes get year after year.
Awesome bikes....    Just the way we like it   :)




FRM is a small manufacturer in Italy that produces super light weight and stunningly beautiful bicycles and components. When you look at what they make it becomes apparent that these guys aren't craftsmen, they are Artisans.

SE Bikes.  Over 40 years ago SE began making BMX bikes.  Not long after they released the PK Ripper onto the market.  This innovative bike sent the BMX world into a frenzy.   As other great brands came and went, SE remained, and today you can still buy a Ripper complete with the legendary Landing Gear forks.
A great bike ?    We think so...