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Are your gears slipping, skipping or making strange noises?

Is your bike not riding the way it did when you got it new?

Servicing your bike on a regular basis helps to ensure that you can enjoy your ride for many years to come.

Don't wait until it's too late, get left stranded or be faced with a massive parts replacement bill.

We work on almost any bike, and with more than 20 years experience, your bike will be in very good hands. 

We are fully qualified Tradesmen and all our work is guaranteed.  

Small Service: $120

  • Wheels and tyre pressures checked
  • Gears and Cables checked n lubed
  • Chain cleaned and lubed  
  • Brakes & Brake pads realigned
  • All the bolts on the bike checked and tightened
  • Wash - Extra $30

Medium Service: $200
  • Wheels trued & tyre pressures checked
  • Gears and Cables checked, lubed n adjusted
  • Cranks removed, BB cleaned, inspected and lubed
  • Headset cleaned, inspected and lubed  
  • Chain and cassette cleaned, inspected and lubed  
  • Brakes & Brake pads inspected and realigned
  • All the bolts on the bike checked and tightened
  • Bike washed, wiped down and inspected for cracks

The Werks: From $350 plus parts

This is a true strip down and rebuild.


  • Wheels trued and tyre pressures checked
  • Sealed hub bearings checked 
  • Cup and Cone hubs cleaned and re-greased
  • Gear cables replaced if fitted
  • Driveline cleaned and relubed
  • Gears aligned and adjusted
  • Brakes checked and pads realigned
  • Brake cables replaced if fitted, bled if Hydraulic
  • Head set removed, cleaned and relubed
  • Bottom bracket removed, threads and bearings cleaned and relubed
  • All the bolts checked and tightened
  • Suspension forks serviced
  • Washed and inspected for cracks


Minor checks : $30 Each

  • Gear check n adjust (Both) 
  • Brake check n adjust (Both)
  • Wheels trued (Each)
  • Changing tyres & tubes

Fork / Shock Services:

Bring them in and we can take a closer look and give you a complete quote. All shock / fork work is done on site and we don't often need to send them away! 

Any other work : $100 per hour

This includes stuff like;


  • Fitment of parts and realigning bent bits
  • Assembling boxed bikes
  • Custom bike builds
  • Suspension repairs and tuning
  • Brake bleeding
  • Spokes replaced

Respray or a Makeover :

Come in, share your ideas and let us "pimp your ride"

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