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 BMX, XC, ENDURO, ROAD or DOWNHILL...   We have it all

From kids to Elite athletes

At Werks bikes Stu leads our team of professionals, he combines his mechanical background with over 20 years of working with bikes (as a competitor and caoch) to provide exceptional service to our customers. We listen, and work with you to come up with a bike that not only suits your needs, but we then go about setting up your new ride to ensure it fits you and your riding style perfectly. With the awsome range of bikes here at the shop, we are bound to have just the bike for you.

We have some pretty awesome bikes.

That is a statement that is thrown around all too often in the bicycle industry around Canberra...

At Werks Bikes we do have awesome bikes...  We ride them, we race them  and we love them.

If we didn't,  we just wouldn't sell them.

It's that simple....

Services: You name it and we can do it. With our experienced staff you can be sure we get the job done, and we get it done right. Our Tech's take pride in their work, and when you leave your bike with us it will receive the same care and attention to detail as our team race bikes do.

Tubeless conversions, shock rebuilds, gears, brakes or even a custom bike build. We do it all.

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